Reduce facing time and make the most out of high maintenance categories

Facer 2

 Refilling, stock count and facing, the everyday tacks of store employees

Organize high maintenance section throughout trading hours
Each line of bottles/cans is maintained in a width-adjustable steel frame, hidden behind a customizable riser (for shelf edge segmentation). Frames directly placed on the shelf, are fool proof. They will work no matter how you turn them.

27% time saving*

* Based on a UK study - 2011

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Bringing the section into an inviting and engaging display in no time!
The Facer™ frames are adapted to the actual product size and keep the bottles steady. Products are less likely to be knocked off the shelf. Store employees use the Facer™ steel frames to advance all bottles in the lane in one go.
Why install Facer™?
• Less time spent on re-stocking, counting and facing up
• Reduction of out-of-stocks
• Less risk of over-stocking and broken bottles
• Better communication to develop impulse buying
• More attractive presentation with products neatly aligned
• Correct product in correct place
Improve the performance of your category

Reducing the time spent on shelf and waste management returns better store efficiency.

Fewer broken bottles lead to a better return on investment. The system cannot overfill the recorded shelf capacity therefore also avoids expensive overstocking problems. Products are not lost at the back of the shelf or hidden behind neighbouring stock.
A simple approach
Facer™ works with width-adjustable steel frames that are placed on the shelf - one for each facing. Units are width adjusted by simply pulling apart. Solid front riser hides the units.

Copy of Facer 5Facer™ cannot be incorrectly installed!
Back , front or upside down - no matter how you place it, it still works. It is a foolproof solution.
Pull the frame to advance all the bottles in the lane in one go... in no time!

With Facer™ turn browsing time into buying decisions

Better faced-up departments encourage stronger sales
Facer™ improves product presentation while significantly reducing time spent in section.
The system provides solutions for both lateral and perpendicular signage. It's proven that guiding consumers with a nice shelf segmentation drives sales.


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