Leading Irish supplier of merchandising and in-store communication solutions

Creating and attractive and selling in-store environmnet that strenghtens the consumers shopping experience 

We are always striving to improve standards, everyday, in everyway. By providing store ready solutions we can add value to your consumers experience and reduce labour costs throughout the store. 

Attractive and selling in-store environment that makes a diifference

Our experience working closely with Irelands top retailers and brands has taught us that differentiation is key. More Info 

Increased Sales

Did you know 70-80% of buying decisions are made in store? Optimising categories in-store, improving product presentation and reducing out of stock can have a major effect on sales, as well as stock turn over. More Info 

Labour Savings and Productivity Gains

They always say "you have to spend money to make money".  Labour costs is one of the biggest expenses in retail but by spending on improving efficiency provides a very tangible return on invesment. More Info


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